List of Metaphors

800 lb gorilla A blanket of snow A colorful remark was not half bad either.
A different tack a heart of blackness A heart of gold
a heart of stone A laugh in a sea of sadness. A light in a sea of darkness.
A rainbow of flavors. A riverboat shall be my horse. A stitch in time saves nine.
Aesopian language Albatross America is a melting pot for people from all parts of the world.
An infinite spectrum of possibilities Apollo archetype Apple of my eye
As blind as a bat As busy as a bee As gentle as a lamb
As quiet as a mouse As slippery as an eel As smart as a fox
As strong as an ox As wise as an owl Astroturfing
Authority is a chair Bad apples excuse Batten down the hatches
Battle of egos Belling the cat Big red button
Bi-ja Birds of a feather flock together. Black-and-white dualism
blank check: Blind men and an elephant Boiling frog
Bootstrapping Brass monkey Brass ring
bread and circuses: Broken heart Bucket brigade
Butterfly effect By and large Cabin fever
Camel's nose Can Catch-22 (logic)
Chain reaction character assassination: Cherry picking (fallacy)
Chicken or the egg China Syndrome Chinese fire drill
Choices are crossroads. City on a Hill Cold feet
Crocodiles' teeth are white daggers Crossing the Rubicon Cultural mosaic
Dark/Black Horse Dead cat bounce Domino effect
Don Don't judge a book by its cover Drowning in the sea
Drunkard's search Dry powder Duck test
Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. Elephant in the room Enchanted loom
Fatted calf Fear is a beast that feeds on attention Few bad apples
Figurehead Five wisdoms Flogging a dead horse
fly like a bird Fog of war For me, time is money.
Fork in the road Four Asian Tigers Gates of horn and ivory
Gold in the mine Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don Gordian Knot
Government in the sunshine: grandfather grassroots:
Greek to me Green shoots grey area
Ground zero He basted her with flattery to get the job. He faded off to sleep, while I was still talking to him.
He had a coarse manner of speech He has a heart of stone. He has the heart of a lion
He is all heartbroken He is the shinning star of our school. He is the sun of my sky
He swam in the sea of diamonds He tried to help but his legs were wax Her bubbly personality cheered him up.
Her deep dark secret was revealed to everyone. Her hair was bone white Her home was a prison, I wonder, how does she live there.
Her soft voice was music to Andy's ears. Her voice is music to his ears. His belt was a snake curling around his waist
His Eye Is on the Sparrow His hair is a white snowflake and his hair is a messy haystack His head was spinning with ideas.
His home was a prison. His monkey mind is always full of new ideas. His silken lies went unheard in the court of law.
Hobson's choice Holy Grail Honesty is the best policy.
Hue and cry Hungry ghost I do not like him because he is a shady character.
I have been waiting for the sweet smell of success which has now finally reached me. Ideas are water Ideas are wings
I'm heartbroken. Information travels faster in this modern age as our days start crawling away. Inverted pyramid
Invincible ignorance fallacy Iron (metaphor) It is raining cats and dogs
It's going to be clear skies from now on. Jumping for joy Jumping the shark
Keep your eyes peeled. Kicked the bucket Lame Duck
landslide victory: Late bloomer Law of the instrument
Left high and dry Life has a tendency to come back and bite you in the ass. Life is a journey.
Life is a mere dream Life is a rollercoaster which every one has to go through. Life's journey is a bicycle ride down the hill
Light of their life Love is a battlefield Love is a bond
Love is a camera Love is a captive animal Love is a fine wine
Love is a fluid in a container Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of spring Love is a garden
Love is a growing garland Love is a natural force Love is a physical force
Love is a social superior Love is a thrill ride Love is a unity of parts
Love is an economic exchange Love is an experiment Love is an opponent
Love is fire Love is like an adventure Love is rapture/a high
Love is the air Love is war Mama grizzly
McNamara fallacy melting pot Mindstream
Monkey see Moral compass Mother lode
Muckraking Mudslinging Musical chairs
My brother was boiling mad. My memory is a little cloudy about that incident. No-win situation
Nutshell Once your heart's been broken it grows back bigger Only shades of gray make up life according to her.
Ostrich effect paper candidate: parachute candidate / carpetbagger:
Pear-shaped Plateau effect Podunk
Point of no return poison pill. Pole position
pork barrel legislation or patronage: Post turtle Pull your socks up
puppet government: Pyrrhic victory Reality is an enemy
Red pill and blue pill Reverse ferret rider
riding coattails: Rolling in dough Roof of the World
Rosetta Stone Saber noise sacred cow:
sacrificial lamb: salad bowl Salad days
Salt and Light Seeing pink elephants Shareholder rights plan
She could not digest the news when she heard it. She got a glowing review this year. She has a gait of a peacock.
She has a heart of gold. She has the heart of a lion. She is a dog when she is hungry
She is my East and my West Ship of state Shooting the messenger
Show someone the ropes Silver bullet Slippery slope
Slow and steady wins the race Smoking gun Snake oil
Snowball effect Soapbox Son of a gun
Spherical cow Spin Spiritual seeking
stalking horse Standing on the shoulders of giants star chamber
stooge: straw man Strength and dignity are her clothing.
sunset clause Survival of the fittest swims like a fish
Take a moment to digest the info. Teaching grandmother to suck eggs Technical debt
Texas sharpshooter fallacy The assignment was a breeze. The movie struck a spark that massaged the audience's conscience.
The Myth of Sisyphus The news inflamed her temper and she decided to resign. The noise is music to his ears
The pigeons fountained into the air The price of milk The sea is a hungry lion
The Sheep and the Goats The skies of his future began to darken. The stench of failure should not depress you.
They were kindling a new romance third rail,An issue which is so controversial Three sheets to the wind
To the bitter end Tragedy of the commons Truth is food for him
Tunnel vision Turkeys voting for Christmas Turtles all the way down
United States of America is a shining example of democracy. Unmarked grave walks like a duck
War chest Weathering a storm wedge issue:
When she saw him in front of her Whipping boy White elephant
Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? witch hunt Words are false Idols
Yin and yang You are the light in my life You are the sun in my sky
You can You have two cows You light up my life with your presence.
you live by the sword, you die by the sword You made your own bed; sleep in it! you reap what you sow
Your friendship is the picture to my frame You've given me something to chew on.